PSY201 Fall 2014

Primary Research is the bread and butter of academic research. It’s also some of the most jargon-, acronym- and statistics-heavy papers that you will read throughout your college career. But no matter your field, you will have to tackle this form of research at some point. And for good reason!

This is not a torture device; primary research is a powerful way of engaging directly with the material, from the perspective of the person responsible for the work. It is an important tool to better understand a topic, better recognize the limitations of current research and better form your own independent conclusions about some of the most important questions facing scientists today.

Upon completion of this instructional session, you will:

  • identify characteristics of primary research papers;
  • recognize distinguishing features of literature reviews;
  • apply advanced search techniques to discover articles in PsycINFO and MEDLINE databases.

The instruction session covers:

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