WR121 Fall 2014

When you are assigned a research topic, how do you deal with it? Do you run, screaming from the room? Turn to your old friends Google and Wikipedia and get easy and sometimes sketchy sources? Or, do you turn to the library for 24/7 help from librarians and access to millions of items that you can feel certain are authoritative, reliable and accurate? What’s at stake when you have to make this decision?

This instructional session will:

  • require and exercise your critical thinking abilities;
  • ask you to think beyond Google (but not ignore it!) for your information needs;
  • and request your eyes not glaze over when we discuss citations.

Upon completion you will:

  • Discover the resources available to you through the Barber Library (without having to drive to Bend!);
  • Identify the importance of citations;
  • Use Barber Library resources to locate sources for your research topic and cite and manage those sources;
  • Apply advanced search techniques to craft more efficient search statements.

The instruction session covers:

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