NUR107 Winter 2016

When getting started with your nursing assignments, first ask yourself:

  • What do you want your information to do for you?
    • Understand your topic, broad overview/context, give highly specific scenarios/examples, etc.
  • What do you want your information to be like?
    • Easy to understand, accurate, authoritative, peer-reviewed, etc.
  • Where does information come from?
    • Answering the first two questions will help you answer this question, and should inform where you’re looking;
    • Understanding your topic, broad overview/context | easy to understand, accurate, authoritative….Encyclopedias & More!
    • Highly specific scenarios/examples | accurate, authoritative, peer-reviewed….Articles & More!
    • Protip: Don’t forget to check out Resources by Subject to find links to both encyclopedias and articles that are subject specific.

Upon completion of this instructional session you will:

  • Discover resources to help with your Surgical Procedure Assignment and Communication Assignment that are available to you through the Barber Library;
  • Use Barber Library resources to locate sources that give you broad overview information about surgical procedures;
  • Use Barber Library resources to identify peer-reviewed articles about communication styles;
  • Apply APA formatting to create citations with assistance from Barber Library tools;
  • Know how to get help from librarians.

The instruction session covers:

I’d love to hear from you! At the end of this session, please complete the class evaluation form.

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