Citation Refresher–get start with COCC’s Barber Library Citation Resources!

  • If you search from the library database, you can get citation information right from the article (depending on the database)
  • KnightCite asks you to find the essential information (author, date, publisher, etc.) and then will do the formatting for you!
  • Zotero is a citation service that you download and install on your computer and will find all the essential information and format it automatically. Watch this short (1:52) tutorial for more information
  • The Purdue OWL guide is a handy resource that can help you make citations on your own, but also verify that those machines are on point!
  • PROTIP: all the automatic, computer-generated citations are made from machines and machines can be stupid! Always check your citations with the Purdue OWL guide, a librarian or your instructor to confirm they are correct!
  • PROTIP: Don’t do all your research and then lose track of what information came from where! Keep track of your sources by emailing your articles to yourself directly from the database, or using a note-taking service like Evernote.

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