Resources by Subject

The Articles & More icon will take you to an alphabetical listing of all the databases the Barber Library subscribes to. However, what if you wanted to write about a topic specific to biology and don’t know where to begin? COCC librarians went through each database, looked at what type of information you’re searching and then grouped them according to subject. That’s the Resources by Subject page. Now you know what database is perfect for you!

Browse through the different subject headings….is there one that is related to your topic? If you don’t know your topic yet, is there a subject that particularly interests you?

One database I like when I’m still trying to nail down a topic is Opposing Viewpoints in Context.
Start your search at the arrow, or find the circled Browse Issues to explore current issues that are making news.

For example, I clicked on Browse Issues and then selected Infectious Diseases, taking me to a page with an overview of the topic. In the On This Page menu to the left, I can access more full-text resources in different categories, such as Viewpoints, Academic Journals, Statistics, etc.

By reviewing the different articles under Viewpoints, I get some inspiration for how I can narrow a subject into a specific research question. For example, on this page, I might come up with the question: “Does media coverage distort the risks of infectious diseases?” Note how I started my search with a broad subject–infectious diseases–and focused it to a specific question that I can now research.

The tools on the left of the articles make my life easier by giving me the option of emailing the article to myself, formatted citations, etc.

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