Surgical Procedure Assignment

Sometimes you aren’t looking for the hyper-specific information found in articles, which can take a topic and examine it in a specific environment, within a specific population, using only a certain approach, etc. Encyclopedias allow you to get that overview-type information (definitions, background, concepts) that fit your information need for this assignment.

How do you access Barber Library’s Encyclopedias?

You can start with Encyclopedias & More from the Barber Library homepage.


When searching for information within encyclopedias, your keywords should be general–since that’s the type of information you’re looking for.

Using just the procedure as your keywords will work best for locating the information you need for this assignment.

Let’s start searching! Here are some subject specific encyclopedias to get you started:

Don’t forget to cite your source!

The Barber Library has some good resources to help (particularly when using Medline Plus, which doesn’t provide you with auto-generated citations).
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