WR95 Searching Techniques

Your assignment asks you to choose one of three topics:

  1. Use the library and other appropriate resources to investigate the local food movement. Look into its history and identify some of its major developments that have led to its growth. Draw conclusions about what this movement suggests about food production and consumption today.
  2. Amy Goldwasser cites reports suggesting Americans today read less and know less than Americans did in the past. Using appropriate resources available in the library, investigate this controversy. Draw conclusions about the state of literacy and knowledge among teens today. Discuss the role of technology in teens’ literacy today. Assess whether the concerns expressed in these reports are valid. You might also discuss how Common Core standards can address these issues.
  3. Use the library and other appropriate resources to investigate the current debate about global climate change. Visit the web sites of major organizations involved in the debate to get a sense of how they present their positions and what they say about opposing positions. Identify key points of view and key points of disagreement. Anylize the main debate. Explain the main issues and summarize the main perspectives. On the basis of your research, assess William O’Keefe’s representation of the issue. Draw your own conclusions about the nature of this debate.

Turn these essay topics into questions to determine what you are hoping to discover, prove, convince your reader of. By putting the topic into your own words and framing it as a question, you can develop a search strategy using some of these techniques:

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